Pine Lumber

How to use pine lumber?

Pine is a versatile and very strong lumber that has a density and bending strength that is not found in other softwood lumber. The natural grains and patterns make it attractive for projects that desire to have a natural look. These qualities make pine widely used for building projects such as: cabinetry, furniture, paneling, roofing, and floors.

Is pine lumber expensive?

Typically pine lumber has a lower price point compared to other lumber. This is due to a number of factors but milling pine lumber is typically easier on equipment than hardwoods and pine lumber is easier to grow on scale than most lumber.

Is pine lumber easy to work with?

The simple answer is yes. Pine is easier to cut and is more forgiving than hardwoods. Additionally, properly kiln dried pine accepts staining very well, which provides color flexibility for your projects. Our kiln drying process is done with care and greatly assists the staining process. Finally, the lower price point of pine makes it ideal for learning as mistakes are not as costly.