Cypress Lumber

How to use cypress lumber?

Cypress lumber is known for it's natural water-resistance, decay-resistance, and durability. These combined qualities make cypress and excellent for heavy construction and building homes. Additionally, cypress lumber is an ideal choice for exterior use such as: siding, fences, patios, and decks. Finally, cypress is known for being strong and light, while also drying slowly with minimal movement, making it optimal for furniture, flooring, paneling, and cabinets.

Is cypress lumber expensive?

Cypress is a slow growing timber that can only grow in certain environments. Making it harder to farm on scale. This along with the natural qualities mentioned earlier make cypress lumber more expensive than wood such as pine.

Is cypress lumber easy to work with?

Outside of the elevated price point, cypress lumber it is an easier wood to work with. The typical straight grain of the wood can make cutting the wood easier. Cypress is not known for splitting when using nails and it also takes stains, sealers and oils well making an ideal option for wall coverings.

Planed Sinker Cypress
Planed Sinker Cypress